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What Is A Qualified Domestic Relations Order?

Many times, retirement accounts are considered marital property and must be divided during divorce. That’s where a qualified domestic relations order (QDRO) comes into play. A QDRO is a special document that outlines exactly how and when a pension plan should be divided.

At the Butte County law office of Norman J. Ryker III, you will find a lawyer with the decades of experience necessary to protect your interests at every stage of the property division process. He is also certified as a family law specialist by the State Bar of California. Let him provide the personal yet professional assistance you require.

Why Hire A Lawyer To Draft Your QDRO?

Here are a few important reasons to retain attorney Norman Ryker instead of trying to navigate property division matters on your own:

He can untangle the complex details. Dividing retirement plans and pensions is a critical part of divorce, but it’s also extremely complex. Some pensions can be divided between divorcing spouses and some can’t. It may be in your best interest to include cost-of-living adjustments and temporary benefits in the QDRO — or it may not. Every pension is different, and every divorce is different. It takes a skilled attorney to sort through all the variables.

He can customize the document to your needs. If you use a generic QDRO provided by your employer, it will naturally be worded to benefit the company. After all, the company wants to make the process as easy as possible for itself, regardless of what would actually benefit you. Norman Ryker can create a QDRO that is uniquely tailored to you — not to the company.

He can help ensure that your spouse doesn’t obtain an unfair advantage. While it may appear on the surface that QDROs are neutral documents, intended to divide assets equally between both parties, this isn’t true. In fact, QDROs are typically weighted in favor of one spouse or the other. Norman Ryker can make sure your financial interests will actually be protected.

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