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How much can you learn in one day?

Norman J. Ryker has more than 30 years of experience — that’s more than 7,000 days of learning, litigating and negotiating family law matters. Put his extensive experience to work for you.

From Simple To Complex

Our Chico law office offers a personal yet professional approach to handling your legal needs, no matter how routine or complicated. Attorney Norman J. Ryker has many success stories and is committed to helping his clients resolve tough legal problems. He has litigated complex, high-stakes cases, including those involving move-aways and interstate custody jurisdiction.

He knows when you need a tough litigator and when you need an effective negotiator or mediator who can solve your problem with less cost, less risk and more control. Whether your legal issues are simple or complex, you want a lawyer who knows that you need things done quickly, with the least expense possible, and most importantly, in your best interests.

Our family law services include:

  • Divorce — Few things in life can be as stressful as divorce. Your financial future and the future of your children may be at risk — and emotions run high. Contact California divorce lawyer Norman Ryker for skilled advice and representation, in court and at the settlement negotiating table.
  • Complex Property Division — Attorney Norman Ryker represents clients in division of asset matters involving retirement accounts and QDROs, community and separate property, homes, automobiles, investments, professional practices, and other assets.
  • Child Custody And Child Visitation — Critical issues require an experienced attorney. If the future of your children and the relationship you have with them are in jeopardy, whether your situation involves divorce or not, contact attorney Norman Ryker today. Norman has experience with many complicated custody issues, including interstate custody/jurisdictional issues.
  • Paternity Issues — Determining paternity is important for many reasons, including for determining support, custody and visitation.
  • Grandparents’ Rights — A family law attorney can help you with issues involving grandparent visitation (whether you are a parent or grandparent).
  • Spousal Support/Alimony — Because spousal support determinations can impact your life for years to come, contact attorney Norman Ryker for skilled guidance.
  • Mediation — Mediation can be an effective and efficient means of resolving family law disputes, including those involving divorce, support, custody and division of assets.
  • Move-Away Situations — When a parent seeks to move with his or her child and the move impacts the other parent, many complicated legal issues can arise. Norman Ryker has experience in this area and can advise you on how best to proceed.
  • Restraining Orders/Domestic Violence — If you or a loved one has been subjected to domestic abuse, contact Norman Ryker as soon as possible.
  • Guardianships

Family Law

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